About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my Everybody Sling Dance website!

A little back story on me...I have worked as a professional performer since 2007 and started up my own children's birthday party entertainment business Clickity-Clack Parties 4 years ago in the South London area.

I had my first gorgeous baby girl in July 2016 and my big sister set me up with some slings so I could carry my baby.

My husband wasn't keen on baby carrying as he thought it wasn't safe.

I was confident to try baby wearing and with little help from my sister a sling peer supporter (and youtube!!) we really started to love the close Caboo carrier.

My husband came around to the idea (even though he had to keep checking our baby was breathing every five seconds) he absolutely loved baby wearing, even in a pink sling!!! (So macho!)

As our baby got a bit bigger we moved onto this gorgeous pink Hop Tie sling which is so comfortable and super easy once you've practised tying it a few times.

When my baby was 8 weeks old I was browsing Facebook and I saw a local sling dance class being advertised. This sounded like a perfect class for us to go to together! So off we went to the class and we met the teacher who was so welcoming and friendly. You didn't need to have a dance back ground to enjoy this class the movements were easy to follow and the music was always something I recognised.

To begin with my baby would usually fall asleep during class as would all the other babies in the class! Ah peace!

When my baby got a bit bigger she didn't want to sleep during our dance class any more, she wanted to enjoy it too! Kicking her little legs and squealing with delight! (She definitely has her mums love for dance and music!)

We went to the classes for about 7 months and even got to meet and dance with Peter Andre during one class!!

My family and I then had to pack up and move to Suffolk! 

There was no sling dance classes in the Suffolk area so with my dance back ground and already running one business myself I thought why not set up my own sling dance class!

Suffolk Sling Dance was born! (A name I later regretted!)

I became a Babywearing Peer Supporter, choreographed routines and spread the word to local mums. I ran two classes a week and made lots of lovely friends with the class members. I hosted special events such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day sling dance parties!

I then became pregnant with my second baby and continued teaching sling dance throughout my pregnancy carrying my one year old on my back.

Just after baby girl number two arrived my family were then told we were moving to Oxfordshire! (Yep my husband was in the RAF)

Again there was no sling dance classes in the area so I changed the name of my business to...."Everybody Sling Dance!" (A name that could travel with me!)

I gifted Suffolk Sling Dance business to a lady in my class there and I'm so pleased sling dance continues in the area after I introduced it!

My class in Oxfordshire did really well and I met some amazing friends at my class that I was sad to leave.

At the end of 2019 my family moved again (for the last time I hope as we are now ex military!)

The wonderful Jemma signed up to continue Everybody Sling Dance classes in Carterton, Oxfordshire! 

AND....Everybody Sling Dance now has a new branch in St. Neots Cambridgeshire! If there's more interest in the area I'd love to do more classes in Cambridgeshire and Bedford!

Then came 2020...what a year!!

One Amazing thing that did happen was our classes started Online! We can now reach people any where in the world with our classes!

Please do get in touch if you would like to hear more about our online classes!

Mums, dads and carers so enjoy Everybody Sling Dance classes!

Dancing with your baby in a sling or carrier allows you to have a little "me time" whilst working up a sweat!

If you are interested in coming to class drop me an email or a text.

I would love to chat you about sling dancing!

And remember..."If in doubt, dance it out!"

Debi xx