"I love dancing with my baby"


💜Everybody Sling Dance classes are all about making Mummy and Baby happy!
💜The benefits of Babywearing are amazing! It’s proven babies worn in a sling cry less!
💖EXTRA - Free Babywearing Advice & Support from a trained Sling Peer Supporter.
💜Two new classes special monthly themed classes every month!
💜Classes can be done at your convenience.
💜The videos can be played on a smart TV.
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You can be anywhere in the world to join us now!
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Take Care and Stay Safe.
Debi & Jemma xxx

Mummy's, Daddy's, Carers -
Everybody Sling Dance!
Feel good music, easy routines, meet other parents and get a little exercise ONLINE, in Carterton, Oxfordshire and St. Neots, Cambridgeshire
A mother with blonde hair carrying her 8 month old baby girl in a blue woven wrap. The baby has a pink bow on her head and big brown eyes. The mother is smiling.

Class time table and venues

A mother with blonde hair carrying her 8 month old baby in a blue woven wrap is frozen in a dance move sliding to the side arms high. Two mothers are in the background also carrying their babies in structured baby carriers. The babies are all facing towards their mothers. The mothers are all smiling.

Sling Dance Parties & Socials

A village hall room full of ten mothers all carrying their babies in slings are doing a calf stretch with one leg bent and the other leg straight with the toe pointing to the celing. It is a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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